Forearm Injuries

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Injuries to the arm are very common amongst athletes as well as in non-athletic activities. When analyzing injuries to the arm, it is important to note that most of the injuries to the upper arm are typically related to muscle or tendon injuries. Lower arm injuries are typically related to fractures of the bones. It is important to understand the differences between injuries in each region of the arm due to the different injury prevention and treatment techniques that may be utilized. In many cases the pain felt in the upper arm can also be directly linked to an injury or muscle spasm that may have occurred in the neck or shoulder area. Read below to help better understand what injury you may be up against, and how you can get on the quick road to recovery.

Anatomical Features of the Forearm Region

Common Forearm Injuries

Forearm Injury Symptoms

Sensitive To Pressure
Visual Deformity

Forearm Injury Treatment Tips

  • It is important to immediately seek medical attention to diagnose the extent of the injury.
  • Remove yourself from all physical activity until receiving a proper diagnosis.
  • Follow the R.I.C.E. principles.
  • Take proper dosage of NSAIDs or other pain relievers if pain is severe.
  • Immobilize the arm with the proper brace or sling.

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