Rectus Femoris Rupture

The rectus femoris is one of four muscles that make up the quadriceps or thigh muscles.  This group of muscles runs from the hip all the way down to the knee.  When there is a rupture or tear to this muscle, it is usually the tendon that connects the rectus femoris to the hip that is damaged.  This is a commonly seen injury in soccer, where the athlete is constantly starting and stopping.  If the extent of the injury is severe enough, surgical intervention may be required when the surgeon will perform a rectus femoris repair.

Medical Definition
The rectus femoris is one of the four muscles that helps to form the quadriceps, and is often damaged by a mistimed kicking action.  A rupture or tear to this muscle typically occurs at the upper insertion or mid-belly.  This injury is typically apparent due to the resisted knee extension and hip flexion that are associated with this injury.

- Quadriceps Tendon Rupture

Rectus Femoris Rupture Symptoms
- Intense pain felt at the front of the thigh directly after an explosive movement
- Bruising and swelling
- Range of motion may become restricted
- Pain when attempting to lift knee against resistance
- Site of the injury may be sensitive to pressure
- If there is a complete rupture you will be unable to flex the quadriceps

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Rectus Femoris Rupture Treatment
- Follow the RICE treatment methods
- Appropriate usage of
NSAIDS to help alleviate the pain and inflammation
- Light
stretching exercises within pain free range
- Light
exercises as tolerated
- Utilize crutches if you are having difficulty walking
- Seek medical attention to diagnose the full extent of the injury

- Rectus Femoris Repair

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